May Day

Another May Day photo shoot to start off the summer right.

cover contest: model citizens

The story behind Thread's first ever Cover Contest. Created By: Michelle Kappeler. Video by Michelle Kappeler and Allie Levin.

behind-the-scenes: model citizens

Take a behind the scenes look at Thread's first ever cover photo contest. We took our favorite models from our previous issues and had our readers vote on who they wanted to adorn the cover of our next magazine. Congratulations to Grant Perry and Martina Johnston who won the crowd over.

six looks we like: athens bars

Take a look at uptown Athens, Ohio and the signature drinks from our favorite bars.

behind-the-scenes: may day

With summer just around the corner, we thought a fun summer photo shoot was just the right thing to kick off summer!

street peeps: summer style

We hit the town this spring looking for the best dressed as the temperatures rose here in Athens, Ohio.

behind-the-scenes: sundae style

A behind the scenes look of Sundae Style, a photo shoot for the April 2012 issue of Thread magazine. Video by Allie Gottieb.

six looks we like: clue

Behind the scenes at the photo shoot for this issues 6 Looks We Like feature inspired by the board game Clue... Who did it?

rooftop romance

Spring fashion continues in our second film of the quarter, "Rooftop Romance" with Melissa Burant and Douglas Blair. Directed by Tim Jackson of the School of Film and produced by Jamie Ratermann, Ali Mazzotta and Courtney Baldasare.

thread magazine: spring 2011

Ohio University School of Dance senior Keri Lynn Noble and DJ Pro Bono show off a few of the latest spring fashions seen on campus. Directed by graduate student Tim Jackson of the School of Film.

spring trends

Maddie Gaither and Lo Martinez asks Ohio University students about their favorite upcoming spring clothing for Thread Magazine.

behind-the-scenes: femme fatale

Thread takes a cue from film noir with sexy and confident males and females at Tony's Tavern at Ohio University.

the alternative

Thread Staffers ask Ohio University students what they really think of the college winter standard (Ugg boots, Burberry scarf and Northface jacket). Created by Maddie Gaither, Lo Martinez and Jordan Pellegrini

behind-the-scenes: black swan shoot

Drawing off the popularity of Darren Aronofsky's dance thriller Black Swan, Thread photographers and stylists create a shoot with the Ohio University School of Dance. Video created by Jeff Kolada.

behind-the-scenes: runway realway

Thread Magazine stylists emulate Diane von Furstenberg and Burberry Men's Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear Runway lines for the February issue.

thread video shoot: the library

Thread Magazine presents a day in the library as we follow students with great preppy style do anything but study. Thanks to Tim Jackson and his crew, Seascapes, Alden Library, our models, Athens Underground and our styling crew!