Anna Bekavac and Gina Rokakis

Frill Your Room With Love

Hey guys! Anna is currently studying music therapy. Although we both work together on this blog, Anna is truly the heart of this blog, creating and coming up with different decorations on her own. Not only does she have a great talent for crafts but she has an outstanding sense of fashion. Whether it’s her darling leg warmers or her bobcat theme hair accessories, Anna can turn anything ordinary into something extraordinary. Gina is studying commercial photography and takes/edits incredible photos for this blog. You’ll see her talent in our posts. Her taste in music is spectacular, her sense of humor is the best, and her style and hair are to die for. Gina is always up to date on the latest trends and never hesitates to tell her opinion on them. She can be tough when necessary, but is always quick to shout out “love you!” every time she sees you. So be sure to check in every Monday for ideas on how to add some frill to your room!


Richelle Miller


Hey everyone! I’m Richelle, a junior studying Public Relations and Marketing. My passions include discovering new music, exploring Athens, and being hopelessly glued to my smartphone. Lover of coffee (lots of it), cozy cardigans, and cats! When I’m not tweeting and pinning, you can usually find me on Court Street shopping, grabbing lunch, or spending time with my crazy friends. My blog, TheFirstTransition, aims to show young women how to still achieve amazing looks even when they become a post-graduate. Just because you’re becoming a young professional, doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous while doing it! I hope my blog inspires you each Thursday to try something new or help you spice up what you already own. Enjoy!


Megan Fair

Duly Noted

Sup, y’all? I’m Megan, a freshman at OU studying journalism and now running my exciting music and fashion blog, Duly Noted. My life revolves around ironically chucking up peace signs, Chipotle, and socks, and I spend way too much time lost in an endless spiral of Internets. My favorite threads are my black hoodie/DIY patched denim vest, my collection of Docs, and endless amounts of thrift shop sweaters. I dream of one day owning a crop top with an alien on it. Since all I do is drool over wonderful music and the artists’ wardrobes, Duly Noted is a blog where I will be covering fashionistas and fashionable fellas in the music community whose style is noteworthy (puns) and making a splash in mainstream culture too. Catch me bloggin’ every Wednesday.


Rebekah Barnes

Busy Girl Glam

Hello there! My name is Rebekah (but almost everyone calls me Rebs) and I am a freshman studying journalism. I love contradictions, writing, Justin Timberlake, Nordstrom, and anything pink. In the world of fashion, I would describe myself as a minimalist, a comfort-ist, and a Pinter-ist. I'll wear running shorts and a monogrammed pocket tee to class, but love to get all dolled up and try different styles. My blog "Busy Girl Glam" will maximize the little time you have to spend on beauty and fashion. Check out my posts each Tuesday and I will show you through how-to’s and step-by-step instructions and video, ways to heighten your look, try new trends, and stay adorable through your busy schedule. There aren't enough hours in the day as a college girl--so whether you're wearing sneakers or stilettos, beauty is all about you, so make every minute count!

Mike Mytnick

Deven Middleton

Der Mann

Please all rise for Deven Middleton *proceeds to sing national anthem a cappella* I’m a second time Thread Mag blogger and second year student of Ohio University. As a freshman I started Der Mann (“The Man,” in German) as a guide for guys on their journey from sartorially confused boys to best-dressed manhood. Along with acting as the Dear Abby for style-impaired dudes, every week I’ll be discussing the relationship between masculinity and men’s fashion and probably whatever Harry Styles wore to the gym that week.