The about page is here to let you know a little more about the STUF (Sunday Thursday Ultimate Frisbee) student organization at Ohio University. Ultimate Frisbee, is a game using a Frisbee disc, set with two teams which the purpose is for one team to get from one end of the field to the End zone on the other end of the field. You do this by passing the frisbee down the field to team mates. Make sure to avoid defenders or missed passes as either one can turn the disc over to the opposing team. If you are interested in this game, please read on about STUF and also how to join.

We currently meet at:

The Rugby Fields
Sundays: 4:00 PM
Thursdays: 7:00 PM


STUF was founded in the Spring of 2003 by Paul Kesig and Brandon Long. Since Intramural Sports decided to cancel the Ultimate Frisbee league, Paul and Brandon saw a need and decided to start one on their own. Games officially began Fall Quarter 2003. Since the original game only had about 8-12 people, STUF has seen enormous growth. Over the two years of playing, there have been weekends of over 30 people, as well as some chilly games with only 10.

Paul and Brandon named STUF because they originally thought midnight games on Thursday would be fun and different than any other student organization. After the winter months hit, the attendance dropped and the time was moved until 7:00 PM to avoid injury and boost participation. Playing on Sunday was also new because that was a time when most people could relax after a long weekend, and get prepared for another week. The time was later in the afternoon to accommodate people who had to leave for the weekend.

In Spring Quarter of 2004, the first STUF Cookout took place. This was a time for everyone to get together off of the field and relax. The event was such a hit that it continues today.


The purpose of STUF was to create an organization to offer an Ultimate (as in Frisbee), fast-paced, recreational, substance-free activity for students to enjoy. To help promote this idea, STUF games do not keep score so it is just for the love of the game. This was agreed upon by Paul and Brandon to help foster an activity that encouraged friendly interaction and sportsmanship.


Membership is quite simple. If an individual wants to become a member they must come to more than three events per month. There is no official attendance sheet, but regularly attending individuals are considered members. Also, they are placed on a STUF e-mail list serve. If you would like to be placed on this list, or just want to know more about STUF, please visit the contact section.

Learn More About Ultimate:

If you are interested but don't know enough about Ultimate, please visit this helpful website, What Is Ultimate ( The site has the history, rules and helpful information about the sport. So read up and then come out to experience the game first hand with STUF.