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Below are the current rules we have implemented when you challenge another member for a spot on the ladder. Download, read, and submit a copy of the wavier to Kim before you start playing. Please note that for continual play we strongly encourage to play a challenge or else face forfeit or even suspension from challenging others on the ladders. If you have any questions regarding these rules, or have suggestions in modifying them, please contact Mike at: mv134904@ohio.edu.

You can view and download our wavier here.

  1. You first must read, sign, and give our wavier to Kim Irons.
    Contact her at ki119303@ohio.edu for more details.
  2. All matches shall follow the USAR Rules of Racquetball. These rules can be found at www.usra.org.
  3. At any time, you may challenge any of the players ranked above you. If the challenger loses, the positions in the ladder stays the same. If the challenger wins, he/she will take the challanged position, and the loser will move down a position. You may not challenge another player if you or that player already has a challenge pending.
  4. Future Rule: If you are the top three positions of a bracket you can challange the bottom three positions of the bracket above you (i.e. #2 from Ladder 2 can challange the last position on the Ladder 1 bracket).
  5. The match must occur within 1 week of the challenge. Players must find a time that works and reserve a court by calling the Ping Equipment Desk (593-9917). If the challenger receives no reply within the week, then the challenger may declare a win by forfeit.
  6. A player must reply to all challenges, either accept or deny. If a player is challenged by two players, he/she must accept one of them and reply to the other informing them they already have a match scheduled.
  7. Matches will be 2 games to 15 points each and a tie-breaker to 11 points if needed. There is no 7-0 or 11-3 rules like in table tennis. The games are played to completion.
  8. The winner of the match is responsible for reporting the scores by posting the results via online forum within 2 days of the completion of the match.
  9. Any call not agreed upon by both parties is a play over.
  10. Eye protection must be worn in tournaments, and it is strongly suggested that you wear them in a match.
  11. Wrist straps must be used on the racquet if it has one.

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Please send all comments and suggestions to mv134904@ohio.edu