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Below are some frequently asked questions pertaining our organization and related issues. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact us with your question by email at: mv134904@ohiou.edu, or ki119303@ohio.edu.

What is racquetball?

Racquetball is a competitive indoor sport in which a stringed racquet and a hollow rubber ball are used to play.  It can be played all year round but like other sports racquetball has it’s own season.  Tournaments usually run during the school year (Sept – June).


Do I need experience to play racquetball?

No; many of our members have never played or have played only a few times. We encourage our members to try to play different people and learn from them. By playing many people you can improve quite quickly in skill and ability.


What if I don't know how to play, what’s the best way to learn?

Come out and play! Challenge someone, it won’t hurt and you might learn something new.  Asking experienced players is the best way to learn.  Look at our links page, there are many web sites dedicated to racquetball.  Also, visit the library; there are many books available that can give you some pointers and serve as references for anything you may be curious about.


How many people can play?

The number of people that can play at one time varies.  Two players can play in a one on one match.  Three players can play in a game known as cut-throat in which 1 player serves against 2 opposing players.  Four players can play in a two on two game of doubles.  The rules for each game vary, but the basics are all the same.


Do I need to purchase any equipment to play?

No. You can freely rent out a racquet and a ball at the Equipment desk in front of the Free- Weights room in Ping Center. It is strongly suggested that you need to buy eye protection. If inclined, email George Anderson at: andersog@ohio.edu for details on how to receive a discount on selected equipment. Also check here later for suggested brands and some suggested places to buy from.


Where can I find out a list of all the rules?

The USAR web site has a link that clearly defines all of the official rules.



How do I go about challenging someone?

Once a member, you will be able to access a members contact list that will allow you to see who else is playing.  You can contact someone via email or phone.  All game results will be posted to the forum that can be accessed from the homepage (www.ohiou.edu/~rball/forum.htm).  This way everyone will be able to see who has challenged whom and also the results of these matches.  This prevents someone from challenging another person who may have been defeated the night before and was pushed to a lower spot in the ladder before the ladder was updated.  The forum is also convenient for those who have to update the ladder because it doesn’t swamp them with emails.


What is this ladder you speak of?

We have set up a ladder that serves as the backbone to this club.  The way that it is set up is that anyone can challenge anyone else in any position.   A challenger that beats an opponent in a higher spot will take that opponents ranking and then the rest of the ladder below this ranking will shift down a spot.  This serves two purposes.  First it doesn’t push a person too far down on the ladder if they are defeated and second it increases the amount of playing taking place among club members.  If you want to be ranked high, you need to play.  In the past, people who should have been ranked higher couldn’t advance because of slow communication or lack of responses by those being challenged.


Do I have to pay any fees to become a member?

There is a $15 fee required per quarter. This will go towards club events and possible club equipment.  What we will be fundraising for is up in the air and open to discussion by members.


How often will we meet as a group to discuss Club details?

We will only meet when necessary: be it at the beginning of the quarter, for a clinic, voting of new officers, or major updates to the club. We will tend to keep them to a minimum because we are sure that everyone's schedules are diversified and busy.


Is this racquetball club the same as intramurals?

No, intramurals are ran by the intramural office at Ping and are offered separate from this club.  We do encourage that you try intramural competition as it allows you to test your playing in a more competitive environment.


Is racquetball like tennis?

Depends how you define each. Tennis, unlike racquetball, has an out-of-bounds feature that racquetball does not.  Both are played with racquets although each sport has it’s own design and both use a ball, which also varies between the two sports.  The technique and skills needed to play are different; but if you have played either of the of the sports before, you will have the fundamental knowledge on how to use the racquet for both sports.


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