The mission of the Ohio University Public Relations Student Society of America is to offer members beneficial relationships with public relations practitioners that facilitate the learning, acquiring and development of professional skills -supplemented by educational knowledge- to be applied in everyday decisions.

Objectives to realize that mission:

a) Offering beneficial relationships to students: All students regardless of major or year in school are welcome to participate in a ny PRSSA activity, excluding the PRSSA Peer Mentor Program, which is a program that pairs junior and senior PRSSA members with freshman and sophomore PRSSA members to guide the younger members through their professional development.  The chapter also hosts social activities to give members the chance to associate on a personal level.  Each member of PRSSA is empowered to create ideas and programs for the chapter.  The elected chapter’s Executive Board will serve as a guiding body for the development and advancement of the chapter.

b) Creating beneficial relationships between students and professionals: A faculty adviser and four PRSA professional advisors are available who are available to help PRSSA students. In addition, the chapter invites professionals to speak at Monday meetings to expose students to various sides of the public relations profession.  These speakers are excellent contacts for PRSSA members.  Finally, PRSSA provides networking opportunities at regional and national conferences and provides members with Forum (PRSSA newsletter distributed three times per year), Connecting with PRSSA (Bi-monthly newsletter), and PR Tactics (PRSA primary publication).

c) Enabling students to learn, acquire, develop and perfect their public relations skills:  PRSSA offers students public relations opportunities at all levels.  Learning is achieved through the Peer Mentor Program and Public Relations Committee.  Acquiring is achieved through regular attendance at meetings, interaction with speakers and professionals an d individual motivation to explore various aspects of the chapter.  Development is achieved through various writing opportunities in pro*fes*sion*al, PR Success, and The Ohio Journalist; editing opportunities with the mentioned publications; fundraising efforts; and tactical work with ImPRessions accounts.  Perfecting is achieved through leadership positions in the chapter and ImPRessions accounts; developing, planning, implementing, executing and evaluating stra tegies for success in the chapter and ImPRessions accounts.  Each member’s commitment to a job well done will result in professional “know-how” and personal accomplishment.

d) In a professional atmosphere: PRSSA is a professional organization that strives to expose its members to experiences he or she is likely t o encounter after college.  Committees are formed, projects are created, responsibilities are accepted, authority is granted, results are desired and success is expected.  Professionals are available for consultation and should be used accordingly. Professionals also have fun and this is standard in this organization.  Ultimately, the members expect 100 percent effort from their peers in responsibilities…as long as that is evident, results do not matter.

Goals upon realizing stated objectives based on chapter mission:
(NOT listed in any specific order!)

1. Successful relationships are formed.  Relationships are what matter and will heavily i mpact success.  Unity is essential.
2. Opportunity always knocks.
3. Opportunity is always answered by eager and interested students.
4. Professional development is realized.









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