Positive Action was created by a group of people who seek to change the dominant structure in our lives through political motivation.  We're an organization whose members are devoted to the making of an egalitarian society so that all members of the world can benefit from the experience of life.  Why is positive action necessary for the progression of our society? How do we omit all the oppression, abuse, prejudice, enmity, and injustice that humanity is now subject to?  When we stop and ask these crucial questions, we are taking the first step toward social change.

      We must criticize the prevalent order that reinforces the artificial inequalities of gender, race and class.  There's no self-empowerment in being neutral, in doing what we've been told is the right way. Paulo Friere Writes: "The oppressed are treated as individual cases, as marginal people who deviate from the general configuration of a 'good, organized and just society'. The truth is however, the oppressed are not marginal, are not people living outside society. They have always been inside -- inside the structure that made them beings for others. The solution is not to integrate them into the structure, but to transform that structure so they can become beings for themselves."  Members of Posac realize that the more people become themselves the better the democracy, the less people are asked about what they want, about their expectations, the less power they have, the less democracy we have. We know that we cannot be truly liberated in a nation where others suffer from the injustices that coexist with inequality.

   We are a group of people in the community who understand that the existing order of things truly benefits only a few; that the systematic way of life by integrating new generations into the social order makes it hard for people to live up to their true potentials thus, making it difficult to achieve ultimate happiness.  We refuse to ignore repression, individual powerlessness, inequality of income and opportunity because we realize we do not have to take this.  Freedom is a universal right. We know it's possible to take back our lives, to replace what we've told we are, with our own sentiment, sincerity and self-confidence.

   Posac is a group of people who want to get information out there about putting life before work, expression before comfort, intelligence and personal growth before conformity, people before profit, creation before consumption, being before doing, love and passion before everything.  We are the members of the community who believe that one person can make a difference by getting others to join in solidarity. Individually we know we can make our lives more enriching while simultaneously setting an example in our efforts to liberate those who are oppressed.  Posac is not just a group whose purpose is to organize, mobilize and inform; Our desire to change the world is extended into the development of our relationships with each other and through this type of work and understanding it becomes logical to live our lives in a way that shows the desire of the people.