4th Annual DIY (Do-It-Yourself/Do It Together) Festival
April 9-11 2004

DIY is a 3 day festival full of workshops, skillshares, discussions and FUN! Where we teach and share information about how to do things yourself. This is a great time to network, organize and share happenings from around the region. DIY promotes sustainability and allows individuals to learn to rely on themselves instead of our capitalist consumer society.

Workshop Schedule

friday night:
8pm vegan potluck at the wire
we will have limited dishes, so share or bring your own stuff if you can
9:30pm rock n roll karaoke at Ellis 111
childcare at the wire

10-11 breakfast (corner room)
11-1 tempeh, miso, and sourdough (kitchen)
circus and fire (meet in corner room then go to green)
11-12 guerrilla art (327)
12-1 vegan living (327)
1:15-2:15 diy publicity (334)
radical parenting (304)
diy dentistry (327)
2:15-3:15 Lunch (corner room)
3:15-4:15 reiki (334)
sewing (304)
open source software (327)
4:30-6:30 KFAR-pirate radio (304)
soap making (kitchen)
nature walk (meet in corner room)
7-8 dinner (the wire)
8-9 lost film fest
9-10 Fascists Are Trading Away America
10-dawn show
check the wire for evening childcare info

10-11 breakfast (corner room)
11-1 bike repair (the wire)
homebrewing (howard hall)
energy efficient/green homes (green)
1:15-2:15 outreach (327)
becoming the media (334)
quilt-making (304)
medicinal salves (1954 lounge)
2:15-3:15 Lunch (corner room)
3:15-4:15 closing circle

childcare will be provided through the day in the 1804 lounge

*Although the workshop schedule is finalized, we have additional space for guerrilla workshops,
so come prepared! All workshops will be held in Baker Student Center.

The Wire: a community resource collective (our local infoshop) will be our
information center for the weekend. Come to the Wire when you come into town on Friday night.
The Wire is located at 21 Kern St and the phone number is (740) 589-5111.

Directions to THE WIRE: 1. When you get to Athens, exit the highway at Stimson Avenue heading into Athens city limits. 2. Follow Stimson Avenue through one stop light and one stop sign. 3. Just before the 2nd stop light and just past Bob's IGA turn left onto Kern Street. 4. The big building on the corner (to your right after you turn onto Kern Street) of Stimson and Kern Street is home to Homegirlz Beautique and The Wire. 5. You can park, at least temporarily in Bob's IGA parking lot and come into The Wire to check in. 6. The Wire is located upstairs. The easiest (and only) way to get to it is to go into the loading dock area and in the door to the right, then up the stairs. 7. There will be signs pointing you in the right direction. 8. Everything you need to know about Athens, the meetings, food, housing, etc. will be available to you when you get in town.

There will be some housing and places to camp available. Please email us as soon as possible to secure housing at pos_act@yahoo.com Let us know how many you will be travelling with and any special needs including children, pets, alcohol/drug-free...

Most meals will be provided, but support these local businesses!