Story by Ashley Rollins

Photos by Kaitlin Fencl

Musician, model and actor, Jordan Young is a studly triple threat. Very down-to-earth, this junior is heavily involved with Ohio University’s men’s a cappella group, Section VIII, as well as University Singers and Singing Men of Ohio.  Jordan has modeled for huge advertising moguls Target and Hollister, and is showcasing his acting skills by playing a doctor in an upcoming low-budget film (hello OU’s own McDreamy!). POISE spiked an interest in Jordan Young and his very humble personality, so we have asked him some questions about his life, his ambitions and what made him fall for his girlfriend.

POISE: How long have you been singing and what/who inspired you to continue with it this far?
Jordan: Well, I have been singing since preschool when we would sing those sing-a-longs. I never really mastered a lot of things well but singing, so I chose to stay with it. My sister really inspired me to keep up with singing because she was so involved with musicals in high school and she has recorded her own songs in a studio, so I followed her lead.

P: What interests, other than music, do you have?
J: I really like theater and I’m involved with a few intramural sports. I like working out, obviously fashion, hanging out with my friends and modeling.

P: What are some of the biggest things you have done with modeling?
J: Well, I was on a Hollister bag once, so I worked with Hollister for a while. I actually did an ad for Target when I was younger. I was one of those kids holding a big white snowball and wearing a red hat.

P: So, what made you decide to come to OU?
J: I originally came because I got into Scripps School of Journalism as a Broadcast News major, but then I changed to Organizational Communications. I liked the campus too.

P: What are your plans for the future, what do you want to do with your major?
J: I really want to move west, either to San Diego with my dad or Los Angeles and try to be an actor and do some modeling. Organizational Communications is my back up plan if acting doesn’t work out.

P: Although you are taken, I have to ask you, what do you look for in a woman?
J: Honesty is important. She has to be smart and I have to be able to keep a conversation with her. I’d say a fun loving girl who can be herself around me and who I can be as comfortable with as I am with my friends.

P: Another necessary question, what is your idea of a perfect date?
J: Dinner and a movie is fun, or I would make it a surprise and take her to a place I know that she’s never been to.

P: What else is there about yourself that you are proud of?
J: My cultural background - I’m Asian American specifically Chinese-Indonesian. I like the fact that I’m unique. I am also very family oriented and am really close to my mom and sister. I have also been blessed with a dad who lives in California and still keeps contact with me.