The Ohio University Western Equestrian Team requests your support!

The OUWET works hard to promote education and involvment with horses and horse competition. In doing so, members dedicate themselves year-round to weekly lessons in preparation for horse shows, competing with the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). In the western style, riders compete in horsemanship and/or reining. In horsemanship, riders are judged on their ability to control the horse at the walk, jog and lope, while maintaining poise and composure. Reining is an advanced class based on a pattern involving turns, circles and sliding stops which riders must memorize and execute exactly.

Horse shows provide riders with the opportunity to place and earn points. Riders must accumulate points in order to qualify for Regionals, and ultimately, Sectionals and Nationals. Last season we earned the Zone 6 Region 1 Reserve High-point Team 2007 title. Individually five riders qualified for Regionals, four for Sectionals, and two for Nationals. These two riders went on to finish 6th and 7th in teh nation !

OUWET recently began hosting its own horse shows. We want to host shows both to gain points with the hopse of repeating last year's success and to increase the visibility of the OUWET in the community and within the IHSA.

We ask that you be a part of our progress.

Donations will go toward expenses, including: rental of the show facilit, announcing equipment, restroom accommodations, transportaion and lease of 20 horses, the milage lodging and judging fees of two judges.

Donations are tax-deductible. Any donation will be greatly appreciated.

Please make check payable to OUWET
Checks may be sent to:
Ohio Univiersity - Campus Recreation
140 Charles J. Ping Center
Athens, OH 45071