The Team

The Ohio University Western Equestrian Team shows in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association (IHSA). Competition occurs year-round consisting of both horesmanship and reining classes. The classes are based upon past experience and current skills, so riders show against people of similar abilities. The host school provides the horses and riders do not get to practice on that horse, they just mount and show. It levels the playing field. There are generally four or five shows each of fall and winter quarters at schools located throughout Ohio. All regular season shows are held on weekends. Regionals, Zones and Nationals are held spring quarter for those riders that qualify by earning enough points throughout the regular season. These shows are located throughout the United States. However, you don't have to show to be a part of the team. We accept all levels, from people who have never shown to people who want to show on the national level.


The western team is coached by Tony Kennedy at his barn in Tuppers Plains (30 minutes from campus). The barn has plenty of suitable horses and tack. Members must take a minimum of eight lessons per quarter. Practices are arranged around members' schedules. In addition, we car pool to the lessons, so access to a car is not a requirement.


The main qualification to be a part of the team is an interest in horses and the desire to become a better rider. Prior experience is not necessary. The university does offer physical education classes in horseback riding for those that have never had the opportunity to ride and wish to learn the basics before joining the team. OUWET riders are dedicated to education as well as riding. As a result of its university affiliation as a club sport and current IHSA rules, members are required to carry 13 or more credit hours per quarter. Riding is a very expensive activity. Because of this, every rider is expected to participate in all fund raising activities.