Because hate and bias are taught throughout an individual’s life, one has taken the powerful statement “unlearn” as the basis of an aggressive ongoing educational campaign.

The first phase of the unlearn campaign was launched on Monday, October 22, 2001, as a poster campaign to end hate, ignorance, and bias – focusing on opening minds in the OU community through eye-grabbing headlines that force the reader to think critically about problems facing today’s society. one continued to release regular installments throughout the 2001-2002 academic year, with topics ranging from LGBT politics, homophobia, workplace discrimination, feminist issues, as well as racism and diversity.

In response to the hate crime and sexual assaults that occurred on the Athens campus of Ohio University in January, 2002, one’s campaign expanded to include an open forum, as well as new installments of the posters. As a result of these assaults, we were witnesses and participants in a candlelight vigil, a walkout, a rally, multiple meetings with student activists and leaders, poster campaigns, and one hosted a Physical & Sexual Assault Awareness Town Hall Forum with students and OU administrators such as Dean of Students, Terry Hogan, and Associate VP of Student Affairs, Janice Edwards.

Extensive outreach -- rooted in political action and education -- is the quintessential quality upon which one was created.

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