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Sunday Club

The Sunday Club is an educational program designed to teach children about Quran, Islamic manners, and the Arabic Language. It was founded in Spring 2011 by Muslim sisters in the Athens community.

The Sunday Club program is ran by volunteers. It is offered for 2 full hours every Sunday for 4 weeks per session. Each week, children pray Zuhr first. Then, they are divided into groups based on age and skills to learn Arabic language and Quran. A healthy snack break is also offered in the middle of the 2 hours. Children are encouraged to maintain Muslim food discipline during the break and are continuously reminded with Islam’s major pillars and their faith. Children age ranges from 3-12 years old, coming from various Arabic and non-Arabic backgrounds.

When: Sundays
Where: The Islamic Center of Athens - Main Prayer Hall (1st Floor)
Time: Depends of prayer schedule and is usually after Zuhur prayer and before Aser prayer

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Volunteering: Sunday club is totally based on volunteering work, our educational program, snacking, and rewards are all volunteered efforts. Therefore we encourage you to come and help in anyway you can.