tell me about islam

Islam in Brief

A 77-minute educational documentary on Islamic teachings. Unreliable sources have made Islam by far the most misunderstood religion in the world. The Fog is Lifting is a series of documentaries that challenges your knowledge about the Islamic faith and traditions. In this DVD titled Islam in Brief, the first part of The Fog is Lifting, you will learn in 74 minutes more information than what you can acquire in 74 days of reading.

Other Introductions to Islam

Below is a list of additional resources and information introducing Islam and Muslims. The information is intended for non-Muslims, but it can equally be invaluable for Muslim who regularly engage in discussions with non-Muslims in the community.

Islam: FAQs - Written by John L. Esposito (A special pull-out section from Saudi Aramco World, September/October 2003).

Is Co-existence Possible? - An Islamic Response: Presentation by Dr. Jamal Badawi. Delivered at Ohio Univeristy - April 2008.

Where Do You Stand? - Presentation by Madina Masjid, Houston, Texas.

Mapping the Global Muslim Population - A Report on the Size and Distribution of the World’s Muslim Population.

2010 World Muslim Population - By: Houssain Kettani: A manuscript that presents a reliable estimate of the Muslim population and its percentage in each country throughout the world.