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Marietta Unitarian Church Visits the Islamic Center

The Unitarian Church of Marietta visited the Islamic Center of Athens (ICA). The group was made up of both adults and children and they numbered about 30. The visit was to inform the group about the basic tenets of Islam and other issues surrounding the image of Islam especially in America. The group was duly welcomed by MSA members and the discussion was led by brother Hashem.

After an introductory presentation by brother Hashem the floor was opened for questions and answers. Midway through the interaction, the visitors had the opportunity to witness the Zuhr prayer after which the discussions continued for a while before coming to an end. However, before the visitors left, there was a brief opportunity for them to engage the MSA members present on one-to-one bases about Islam. There was a good attendance by brothers and a sisters; there were also snacks and drinks provided by brothers and families in honor of the event. See the thank you card that the group sent to the Islamic Center.