ATTENTION MEMBERS -- If you have to miss a formal or informal meeting, you must fill out an absence excuse form, otherwise you will be fined. Email it to Julie Hopkins at jh358008@ohio.edu, or put in the envelope on the SAI board (located on the 6th floor of the School of Music) before the meeting begins. For more information about absences, please contact Julie Hopkins.

More infomation is available to Sigma Beta members on our Blackboard page.

The absence excuse form can be found as a PDF file here.

These are the important dates for the remainder of the quarter.

  • Saturday, May 19th Senior Commitment. Sisters @ 10:30am Seniors @ 10:55am Room 540. Field Day at Cody's.
  • Sunday May 20th No Meeting!
  • Tuesday May 22nd at 7:30pm Greek Music Recital
  • Monday May 28th 3:30pm Get Ready together at Becky's Apartment, 4:30pm Abrios dinner with TBS, 6:30pm Exec Board Meeting, 7:30pm Informal Full Chapter with Musicale (Pin Attire if you are performing!!)
  • Tuesday and Wednesday May 29th and 30th Yard and Bake Sale
  • Friday June 1st 7pm Egg Shaker Making, Chapter Scrapbook and Spa Social. Location: TBA Bring your nail and spa stuff!
  • Sunday June 3rd Field day with Phi Mu Alpha. Location: TBA

  • If you have questions or comments, please contact Mary Brandal at mb235707@ohio.edu. Last updated May 2012.