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Winter Quarter 2011

Progressive Dinner Pre-Rush Event

  • Occured Tuesday January 11, 2011
  • Annual pre-rush event hosted by the current active members of the Alpha Delta chapter; active members volunteer to host a meal course at his/her apartment and the dinner progresses through the evening as members travel to the next meal course.
  • Began at The Summit Apartments and ended at Mill Street Village Apartments.

Formal Interviews

  • Occured Monday January 17, 2011
  • Began at 7:30 in the School of Music Recital Hall (Room 400 of Robert Glidden Hall)
  • Bid Recipients: Rob Ward, RC Tumbleson, Laura Callaghan, Kyle Marx, Andrew Bethel, Barrett Lawlis, Kailee Aldred, and Tim Martin.

Completed Projects

  • 2009-2010 Yearbook
  • Re-organization of our storage space in the School of Music (Robert Glidden Hall) Implementation of a new attendance policy based on a percentage system "Whatever" Sale in Baker University Center earning $130.

Spring Quarter 2011

Life Size Clue Pre-Rush Event

  • Occured Monday April 4, 2011
  • Life size version of the board game "Clue;" attendees spent a night running around the School of Music trying to determine who killed who with what musical item.
  • Featured an educational presentation about Kappa Kappa Psi and the benefits of membership.
  • Began at 8pm in Room 550 of the SChool of Music (Robert Glidden Hall).

Formal Interviews

  • Occured Monday March 11, 2011
  • Began at 9:30 in Room 550 of the School of Music (Robert Glidden Hall).
  • Bid Recipients: Jonathan Smaga, Taylor Hardy, Andrea Madison, Donnie Day, Rebecca Gierhart, and Meagen Coon.

Completed Projects

  • "Scrap Your Crap" Garage Sale
  • "Miles of Music" 5K
  • "Jazz on the Beach"
  • Weekly Merchandise Tables
  • New Policy on Grades
  • New Policy on the Selection and Assignment of Big Brothers

Improving Musicianship

  • Added musicianship to our attendance policy percentage system.
  • Implementing performances by active members prior to our weekly meetings.
  • Implementation of our chapter Reading Band.

Special Projects & 2011 NCD Convention

  • Nominated for a Governor's Cup Bid.
  • Devlin Pope and James Ryan Smith represented the musicanship of the Alpha Delta chapter by participating in the NCDIB.
  • Coordinated and submitted a bid to host the 2012 NCD Convention; bid not awarded.

Future Projects

  • Update our chapter handbook & constitution.
  • Continuing Membership Education (Fall Quarter Workshop and Weekly Education Sessions).
  • Special elections for fall quarter to prepare for transition from quarters to semesters.

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