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Epsilon Lambda Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity

Welcome to the official site for the Epsilon Lambda Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated. We are a service based organization that has actively contributed to the Ohio University and the Athens community since 1966. Above all else, our goal is to remain an exemplary brotherhood who embodies the principles upon which we were founded -- Achievement. We strive to achieve in every field of human endeavor.

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated was founded January 5, 1911, on the campus of Indiana University located in Bloomington, Indiana by The Ten Most Honorable Founders.

Chartering Line

  • Hugh Dalton
  • Cyril Weathers
  • Temple Ragland
  • Gerald Smith
  • Art Hopkins
  • Frank Wise
  • Dr. Martin T. Tyler
  • Daniel Whitner
  • James Houston
  • James Crawford

The Objectives of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc are:

  1. To unite college men of culture, patriotism and honor in a bond of fraternity
  2. To encourage honorable achievement in every field of human endeavor
  3. To promote the spiritual, social, intellectual, and moral welfare of members
  4. To assist in the aims and purpose of colleges and universities
  5. To inspire service in the public interest

Line History

On the campus of Ohio University, Kappa Alpha Psi continues in the traditions of a fraternity in which the fundamental purpose is Achievement. Throughout the past 49 years, the Epsilon Lambda Chapter has been striving to uphold the ideals and goals of our college based fraternity.

  • 1950s

    1957: Ronald Holman, Leroy Massey, Ralph White (crossed the sands at another university and transferred to OU)

    1959: Alvin Adams, Austin Brown, Leon Chapman, George Hall, Robert Harrison, Henry Scott

  • 1960s

    1960:Les Bowman, Cliff Coursey, Marshall L. Grant, Fred Morgan

    1962: Arthur Hopkins, Floyd Laisure, Michael Preston, Temple Ragland, Frank Wise

    1963: McKinley Broadus, Hugh Dalton, Ralph Hopper, Marvin Patterson, Louis Porter, Cyril Weathers

    1964: Walter Dobbins, Gary Nickerson, Gerald Smith, Martin Tyler, Daniel Whitner, Phil Williams

    1965: Anthony Brasier, Jerry Boswell, James Crawford, James Houston, Al Jackson, Robert Jackson, Rodney Sampson, James Steele

    1966: Sam Fowler, Steve Johnson, Barry Pryor, Rick Redman, Eric V. Strasser, Les Thompson, Henry Vanlue

    May 6th, 1967: Jim Brown, Joe Epps, Donald Hutchins, Alan Moats, Tony Patton, Wilfred Stubbs, Jim Tyree

    Spring 1969: Les Morrow, Dwight Washington, Michael Toney

    Fall 1969: Ron Oneal, Wayne Snoddy, Clem Willis

  • 1970s

    April 1970: Huley Barnett, Gordy Biggs, Gary Drayton, Linwood Malachi, Cedric Sanders

    Fantastic Four- October 30th, 1970: Larry Abernathy, Ralph Anderson, Doug Furman, Erle Roach

    The Tenacious Ten- April 9, 1971: Lester Biggs, Martin Davis, Major Harrison, Calvin D. Heard, Ron Jackson, Mike Samuels, Mike Sutton, Haston Thornton, Prentiss Washington, George Harrell Wilson

    Fall 1971: Grayland Smith, Demetrius Kern, Ed West, Greg Johnson

    The Nasty Nine, The Lover Line- November 18, 1972: Michael Vance Powell, Harry Angelo Gray, Jacinto Chaviano Cuellar, Chuck Sidney Dawson, Oscar Nicholson Sr., Joel Edward Melton, Matthew James Harrison, Curtis Gregory Farrow

    Deuces Wild- February 5, 1976: Durrell Hall, Lee Gillison

    Brothership Connection- May 1, 1976: Johnnie Barnes, Henry Scott, Bobby Gibbs, William Russell, Willie Brown, Anthony Moss, Gerald Mays, Lionel Pace, Daryll Singleton, Michael Glover

    Funky Situation (Part 1)- May 23, 1977: Meredith Hall, Frank Ray, Arnold Welcher

    Funky Situation (Part 2)- June 1, 1977: Mark Banks, William Frazier

    Triple Threat- May 20, 1978: Lamar Washington, Nathaniel Hall, Rufus Mobley III

    Three The Hard Way- February 10, 1979: Arnold Dixon, Anthony Robinson, Jeff Scott

    The Inseparable Six Pack- June 3, 1979: Bobby Scruggs, Kenneth Hall, Mark Early, George Coulter, Greg Stone, Randy Hill

  • 1980s

    The Untouchables- February 22, 1980: Bruce Robinson, Michael Pugh, Barry Walton, Daylan Barret, Selwyn Spurrel

    Renaissance of Love- March 14, 1982: Reggie Young, Daryll Ray

    Chosen Five- March 5, 1983: Paul Mosley, Jay Dempsey, Oscar Robinson, Tony Weaver, Rufus Smith

    Klear Choice- January 21, 1984: Todd Coyt, Charles Redeemer, Terry Hubbard, Tim Quiller, Daryll Carrington

    Fearsome Foursome- March 1, 1985: Andrew Davidson, Jimmy Stephens, Todd Rogers, Rex Crawley

    Double Exposure- June 9, 1985: Jeff Griffin, Kenneth Jackson

    Ace of Diamonds- May 23, 1986: Kipp Dawson

    Down by Law- March 12, 1989: Ricardo Hall, Eric Miller

  • 1990s

    Trapped in Tradition- March 10, 1991: Anthony Watson, Paul Hudson, Erick Owens, Eddie Walker, Frederick Grigsby, Joseph Revels

    Psilent Knights- April 13, 1992: Ryan Luckie, Anthony Adger, Damon Smith, Nathan Sessoms, Donald Brown

    Total Kaos- May 6, 1993: Chris Grant, Lamont Siller, Abdul Williams, Glendis Redman, Randall Stokes, Kerry Henderson, Tremaine Young

    The Renegade Keepers- April 17, 1994:​ Rob Hughes, Jason Sankey

    II Determined- May 6, 1996: JD Roberon, Marlon Grigsby

    Sole DePSIre- April 23, 1997: Corey Arrington

  • 2000s

    2000: Mike Spencer, Dewan Gibson

    Kappatal Punishment May 10, 2001: Prentice Jackson, Tasmine Goodlett, Jason Waller

    Konvikted October 31, 2002: Julio Cumba III

    N.F.L.- June 5, 2003: Frank Sanders

    Kold War -March 13, 2004: Dorian Spence, Rahman Shavers, Dion Byrum, Phillip Fountain

    Kalm, Kool & Kollected WI 05: Gemayel McAlpine, Aaron Adams

    The Untouckhable Spr 06: Romero A. Prince, Gregory A. Turner, Bryson A. Nicholson, Eric A. Franklin Jr., Jarryd M. Tribble

    Krucial Konflict Spr 07: Rafael D. Bibb, Kenji T. Horton, Kenneth Pride III

    The Takeover Spr 08: Devin T. Palmer, Jordan C. Sims, Jordan D. Penn, Victor R. Moore

    EPIk Legends FA 08: Alan T. Grigsby, Sam E. Freeman, Marco R. Maldonado

  • 2010s

    Legendary Konquest FA 10: John Butler, Geordan Burton, Brandon Tramble, Owen Patterson, Jareed Robinson, Carlton Daniel

    Katastrohpik Warriors Spr 12: Demarcus Frye, Brian Steele, Evan Richard, Julius Smilley, Coty Collier

    O.N.E Spr 13: David Foster

    The Last K.I.N.G.S. FA 13: Kari Curry, Rashaun Brown, Chase Goodson, Anthony Johnson, Malik Sullins

    Khaotic ReKlamation FA 15: Jamal Carr, Justin Edwards, Marcus Cole, Jamison Days, Ayo Awojinrin, Brandon Foote, Jai'Sun Alexander

Current Members

  • Polemarch - Rashaun Brown
  • Vice Polemarch - Chase Goodson
  • Keeper of Records - Anthony Johnson
  • Keeper of Exchequer - Malik Sullins
  • Historian - Rashaun Brown
  • Strategus - David Foster
  • On Campus Advisor - Cecil Walters (OMSAR) (Columbus Alumni Chapter)
  • Off Campus Advisor - Darren Jordan (Columbus Alumni Chapter)
  • Ohio University Greek Life Advisor - Kristen Kardas
  • Jamar Carr
  • Justin Edwards
  • Marcus Cole
  • Jamison Days
  • Ayo Awojinrin
  • Brandon Foote
  • Jai'son Alexander