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2004 Kadenza Publishers

Brothers and Sisters of the NCD,

The editors at Alpha Delta would like to thank all of the chapters of the NCD for the opportunity to publish the Kadenza this year.

This issue has been a learning experience for the twin chapters of Alpha Delta. Balancing the busy schedule of the Marching 110, regular class schedules and editing sessions has been a task in and of itself. Every day we’re learning something new about the Kadenza and about ourselves as brothers and sisters.

We’d like to extend an invitation to each and every one of you to leave us feedback. Tell us what you love about Kadenza or what you wish would change. We cannot grow without your imput. As always, you can reach us at

We look forward to the next two issues of Kadenza and all of the experiences they will bring. Keep sending in your submissions, we enjoy reading them!

Submitted In the Bond,

The Brothers and Sisters of the twin chapters of Alpha Delta at Ohio University.


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