Welcome to our home page !

Instead of wasting your time looking at this homepage,better check us out in action !We meet on the College Green every Thursday and Sunday from 5pm tillat least 7pm, depending on how crazy our addiction turns out to be thatday. Since we don't like the feel of slimy, slippery club handles, and the unicyclists among us are not too fond of getting stuck in themud, we normally go inside when the weather is unfriendly.In those cases we meet at the same times in Grover 237.If you want to bitch about the maintenance of this homepage,send mail to markus@helios.phy.ohiou.edu>, or if you dareto approach our almighty president: sr245195@oak.cats.ohiou.edu>.
Upcoming events:

We are hosting the First OU juggling convention in February of this year !!

And here are some cool juggling links .

The following pictures are supposed to impress you !!

Our founder, former president and role model Rob:
One of the more daring members of the club:
Rob is our hero!
Controlling Chaos on the Unicycle.

Ohio University Front Door