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Instead of wasting your time looking at this homepage, better check us out in action. We practice on the College Green every Sunday and Thursday from 5pm till at least 7pm. Since we don't like the feel of slimy, slippery club handles, we normally go inside when the weather is unfriendly. In those cases we meet at the same times in one of the Morton Hall main auditoriums. (201, 235, or 237)

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The O.U. Juggling Club was founded in 1992 by Rob Vancko. (a stud, by anyones definition) All are welcome to attend, join, stop by to watch, or get advice. Besides meeting on Sundays and Thursdays to practice, the Juggling Club also participates in the following activities:

For a great juggling site, with lots of hints and info, click here: IJA
Feel free to e-mail the president for more information, or comments on this page: e-mail Steve Roth

Or, e-mail the treasurer (particularly if you need money): e-mail Kari McComb

If you're looking for Rob Vancko, here is his e-mail: e-mail Rob Vancko

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