InterAct's Mission Statement

InterAct is a multi-issue progressive group of campus and community activists. We are committed to grassroots organizing that offsets the illegitimate power of ruling institutions, and to creating change outside those institutions. InterAct works to build successful campaigns and movements for change by:
  1. facilitating cooperation between existing social justice groups and
  2. undertaking its own education, organizing and direct action projects
We strive for an increasingly diverse and ever-growing membership, recognizing that we cannot expect to have identical opinions or levels of awareness on all issues at all times. In order to develop skills essential for activism and organizing, all members participate in determining InterAct's course through direct democracy.

We meet Thursdays, 6pm in Baker Center on the 2nd floor. (the room varies)


For more information email Olivia Dawson: od326605(AT)ohio(DOT)edu
or interactathens(AT)gmail(DOT)com
Or join our Yahoo Mailing List

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