InterAct was built upon the foundation of its predecessor, Students Against the War (SAW).

Founded in February of 2003 by Sara DeAloia, Sarah Michelson and Aaron Carter, SAW's sole purpose was to bring students together to work against the Bush Administration's plans to invade Iraq. During it's relatively short existence on Ohio University's Athens campus, SAW organized teach-ins, panel discussions, letter-writing campaigns, a survey of student opinion on the war, the production of anti-war T-shirts, a counter-demonstration at a pro-war rally, and a debate with pro-war students.

After the Bush administration invaded Iraq and settled in for an indefinite occupation of the country, SAW's members decided to establish a broader group of progressive students and community members that would examine and act upon the various political, economic, and cultural factors which have allowed for this war and a wide range of other injustices to occur.

In March of 2003, the more narrowly focused Students Against the War became the multi-issue progressive activist group InterAct. In September of 2003, the group developed a formal organizational structure and decision-making process, then stepped up its outreach efforts. Currently, InterAct has a membership twice that of Students Against the War and is busy with a series of educational, organizational, and direct action projects.

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