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Communication Sciences and Disorders

Undergraduate Research Club (URC)

 Organization Description:

The Undergraduate Research Club (URC) seeks to provide a framework for student-led research addressing questions in the field of communication sciences and disorders. Members of this club work on all steps of the research process, from conceputalization of a project, to development of experiments, funding application, data collection and analysis, and dissemination of results. The URC supports collaboration across academic units and encourages students outside the College of Health Sciences and Professions to join.


Mission Statement:

The Communication Sciences and Disorders Undergraduate Research Club (URC) is committed to engaging and mentoring CSD undergraduate students in the research aspects of the fields of speech-language pathology and audiology. By carrying out actual, student-led research, our members gain tangible, meaningful experience in all aspects of the research process. URC is dedicated to the development of individual student interests in research. URC facilitates future clinicians to be effective research consumers for evidence-based practice. Finally, URC encourages and guides students to consider research careers in speech-language pathology or audiology.



Why you should join:

 Make your undergraduate experience distinctive.

 Meet CSD students and make new friends.

 Learn about research in CSD.

 Explore YOUR interests in the field.

 Better prepare yourself for graduate school & future career.

 Opportunities available for leadership positions.

 Enjoy stress-free meetings and discussions with fellow students and facilitators.

 Contribute to ongoing club developments.

 Have fun!

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Communication Sciences and Disorders

Undergraduate Research Club (URC)

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