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I suggest to put on the BOBCAT logo at the top, just like what you put on from the last version. If possible, color the home page. It seem boring when I go through each of the functions.


What about adding the recipes of the foods we made for the street fair on our homepage. Um.... you can add a link at the event page. Um.... what about adding the web-site about Chinese recipes that Morn sent us to the cool stuffs page?


I have look thru the homepage. Cool!! Can you mention the temp. dorm in the housing information, cos' I think there is temp dorm available in Fall quarter. I hope this inform helps the potential comers from HK.


For those who come to Athens during Summer, I think Bromley Hall will be a good choice for them (esp for those who stay for a short period of time). They offer discount during the Summer!!! Concerns about the location, price, A/C, .... food for people who are on diet.


I have enrolled the BA370 in the 1st session of this Summer. I will arrive campus on 13rd or 14th of June. Would any pal give me some suggestions about the arrival date?


We've got your e-mail about the day of arrival. Becuase the summer section will begin on June 14, it would be better to arrive as early as possible. If you need any help upon arriving at Athens, please let us know in advance. We'll try to help.

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