Officers of Golden Key Ohio

Jamie Brown
GK Position: President
Year: Senior
Major: Early Childhood Education
Minor: Psychology
Hometown: Aurora, Ohio

I was born in Houston, Texas and moved to a small town outside of Cleveland, Ohio my junior year of high school. The organizations that I belong to are Alpha Phi Omega a co-ed community service fraternity, Golden Key, and Kappa Delta Pi an education honors society. I plan on moving back to Texas after I graduate and becoming an elementary school teacher.

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Dani Garfield
GK Position: Community Service Chair
Year: Senior
Major: Adolescent to Young Adult Integrated Language Arts
Hometown : North Canton, Ohio

I'm a senior who's planning on graduating in spring of 2012 and hoping that I get accepted to the Teach for America program. Community service holds a special place in my heart and it's something I hope to continue with for a long time. I'm obsessed with zumba and running and am down to have a good time.

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Raquel Alvarez
GK Position: Treasurer
Majors: Accounting & Management Information Systems
Year: Senior
If you could be an animal, what would you be and why? I would probably like to be a bird to have the ability to fly all over the place whenever I want.
The most random fact you know: The youngest pope was 11 years old OR The melting point of cocoa butter is just below the human body temperature -- which is why it literally melts in your mouth.
How has Golden Key impacted you positively? Through the position I've held the past year I've been able to contribute to the community in fun ways that I'm interested in and I've been able to develop my leadership skills which ultimately helped me interview for jobs and internships.

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Samantha Tischler
GK Position: Public Relations Director
Major: Journalism - Public Relations
Year: Senior
Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

I live by this quote: "The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself."

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Zach Rossiter
GK Position: Officer
Major: Marketing and Management Information Systems
Year: Senior
Hobbies: I love cycling, cooking, art, making some homebrew, and finding new music.
If you could be an animal, what would you be and why? I would probably be a cat, because they can really do whatever they want, and everyone still loves them.

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