Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to: provide a creative outlet for area gamers, gather for discussion of ideas, increase community social networking, and increase knowledge of video games.

We intend to be the largest local outlet for gaming socialization. In other words, we want to be an educational hangout, regarding gaming, and a cooperative/competitive arena. Playing games by yourself is fun but, playing them together is more fun. We plan on having tournaments on a regular basis, spanning across multiple platforms.
We want to get people together and have fun.... yes. However, as our club name suggests, we are about education too. We want to learn more about video games, in all respects, such as: How/why they are made, how/why game-play works, how/why X helps or hurts a game. Many people on campus have always wanted to make a game, or are panning on going onto game related fields.
We want to provide information, and hands-on-experience by gathering local talent, and attempt a small game. We will be forming "guilds" in the Academy to suit certain needs of game creation such as: Art Guild, Music Guild, Advertising Guild, Programming Guild, Writing Guild, and Business Guild. Each guild will(usually) contain members of similar OU majors. Each guild has its' role to play in the creation of a game, and is vital to process. (Whether or not we are successful at making a game, such a project still gives hands on training on how to adapt specific majors to game design, still allowing for hands-on-experience, and a nice portfolio towards any future gaming carrier.)