The Rth Dimension

An excellent resource for beginners and experts that colorfully explains the basic mechanics and complex psychology of the sport in an easy-to-understand manner.

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Absolute Fencing Gear

This is the preferred vendor that Lyle recommends for students buying fencing equipment for the first time.  The prices are fair, and the quality is great.

Ask Fred

Use this site to register for local tournaments, and see the results from past tournaments.

United States Fencing Association

The USFA is the governing body for fencing in the United States.  The translated rulebook (the original is in French), as well as many other resources can be found here. Forum

This is the best forum for fencing related topics.  Network with other fencers to discuss different brands of fencing gear, tournaments, fencing clubs, or argue about which weapon is the best.

Fencing Officials Commission

If you want to become a fencing director, you start by going to this website and reading the study guide.  Knowing the rules is a major asset, and can even get you paid!

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More Fencing Resources

Sword Masters

When you need to replace your blades, go to this vendor.  They sell the best blades at the best prices.  Whatever weapon they make for you will be your new favorite.

Leon Paul

This vendor is leading the sport of fencing in terms of innovation.  Their masks and lames are particularly great.