A: Yes, obviously. I promise you love. I promise you happiness.

A: No, and we値l let you win if it makes you feel better.

A: No. You can come just to make new friends and get some exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: If the blade goes through you, then yes it hurts. That never happens though. The swords are made to bend. Also, you値l be wearing protective equipment葉hat we provide!

Q: I don稚 like violence. Doesn稚 it hurt?

Q: Do I have to go to competitions?

Q: I知 afraid of not doing well the very first time I try it. Should I be?

Q: Will fencing make me popular with the opposite sex?

A: We teach the fencing that you値l see at the Olympics. If you want to dress up in medieval garb you池e looking for the SCA.

Q: I知 confused. Ohio University has like 3 fencing clubs!? Which one are you?

To contact us:

Wait! What?

A: What you need擁s fencing.

In all seriousness, this is a college club and dues are set accordingly.

Q: Okay this is cool, but do I need money?

A: No! All are welcome, but you will need a Ping membership. You can also drop in for $8.

Q: Do I have to be a student at Ohio University?