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Ride Schedule

Weekday group rides meet at Peden Statdium.
Weekend rides meet at the Civil War monument on Cutler Green.

Day Time Type
Monday 5:15 ~20 miles, slow
Tuesday 4:30 30-40 miles
Wednesday 6:10 Worlds
Thursday 5:15  
Friday   Send an e-mail to the listserve
Saturday 10:00 Long
Sunday 1:00 Long

There are several items that can be valuable out on the road. It is suggested that these items be carried on every ride, just in case. These include, but are not limited too;

•  Helmet, Absolutely Mandatory (extras are available if necessary)

•  Water

•  An extra tube or two

•  A pump, CO 2 or hand operated

•  A multi function tool, highly recommended

•  Cell phone

•  Money

•  Student ID or Drivers License

•  Map of the area

Everyone should carry their own ID, money...etc.   Pumps, tools...etc can be shared so that not everyone needs to carry them.

No one will be allowed to ride with the team if they do not have a helmet.   There will not be any leniency on the helmet issue.  

Race Schedule

The 2008 Race Schedule will be posted when it is completed and announced by The MidWest Collegiate Cycling Conference (MWCCC).