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1) How do I join ACE?
A: In order to become an ACE partner, go to the ACE Info Page and download the appropriate MS Word document. Print it, fill it out, and return it to the ISFS Office in Scott Quad.

If you are an American student, we ask that you pay your yearly dues of $5 when you turn in your membership form. This money helps ACE to fund all of the activities hosted for you and all of our international students.


2) How do I sign up to receive ACE emails?
A: Mail a blank email to cultural-subscribe@topica.com. You should start receiving weekly emails informing you of upcoming ACE, International, and Ohio Univeristy events you can attend with your partner.


3) My American partner hasn't contacted me. What should I do?
A: There is nothing wrong with contacting him or her. If your partner signed up for ACE, he or she is excited to meet you. If you can't reach your partner, email the vice-president for international students whose email address can be found on our Info Page.


4) I tried contacting my international partner, but he/she hasn't returned my calls or emails. What should I do?
A: Be persistant. Try phoning or emailing again. If your partner still doesn't get in touch, email the vice-president for American students so that he can try to work something out..


5) My international partner doesn't have much time to spend with me. How can I get him/her to meet up with me?
A: International students are very busy. Be persistant. Suggest doing something low-key like getting coffee uptown.


6) How much time is required to be an ACE partner?
A: Usually, partners spend a couple of hours a week together. However, this time is spent at your convenience between you and your partner. A good goal would be to make some sort of contact with your partner at least once a week. Remember, it's fun!