Past Events: (Click an image to enlarge)
  • Trip to Creation Museum in Cincinnati
    • Description: Several of us enjoyed this trip to study the Bible's view of origins and the early events of history from the viewpoint of the Bible.

  • Welcome Orientation
    • Description: Chinese Bible Study Group successfully hosted Orientation for new coming Chinese students. Columbus Chinese Christian Church had supported us.

  • Old Man's Cave Hiking
    • Description: A group of us hiked at Old Man's Cave this last fall and were blessed by the fall foliage.

  • Bon Fire
    • Description: Many Chinese students joined the Athens Bible Church for a wiener roast at the church bonfire. We heard Christians give their testimonies and had homemade ice cream after the devotions.

  • Thanksgiving Meals:
    • Description: We had a Chinese and American Thanksgiving meal and reviewed some of the history behind the American Thanksgiving holiday.

  • Merry Christmas Testimony
    • Description: During 2010 winter break, we had Merry Christmas Testimony in Rose ( Shi Xiaoyun)'s House. Delicious Chinese Food had been provided. All of them shared their own testimonies with God.