Trail Days:

Wednesdays at 12:00 noon , Stroud's Run Beach: Athens Bicycle Club is working on a project at Stroud's Run, the Sundown trail. They have a few miles in already, but more is in the works.

The Athens Trails Group is always looking for volunteers to assist with the system. Sure it's all dual-use, but it is still a great local trail system and is always growing (plus the grading makes it easier for burgeoning, new mountain bikers).

Bike Rodeo:

May 1; An annual biking safety and fun expo for kids, held at hocking college. This is always a big event in the community and will offer a chance for community service as well as provide great exposure for the sport. Volunteers are always needed, and this year we are especially welcome because they are planning to have a dirt track! Lend a hand in forming a safe, new generation of bikers.

Local Organizations:

Ohio University Cycling Team

Athens Bicycle Club

Athens Trails Group