Alpha Eta Rho Chapters




AHP Chapters

Alpha University of Southern California

Alpha Alpha - University of Alaska

Alpha Delta Wilmington College

Alpha Epsilon Northwestern Michigan College

Alpha Pi Texas State Technical Institute

Alpha Sigma - Arizona State University

Alpha Phi Texas State Technical College

Alpha Chi - Averett University

Alpha Omega Texas Southern University

Beta - Purdue University

Beta Beta - Henderson State University

Beta Gamma Bowling Green State University

Beta Delta Navarro College

Beta Epsilon San Juan College

Beta Rho - Lynn University

Beta Sigma - Vincennes University

Beta Chi University of Oklahoma

Gamma - Auburn University

Gamma Sigma Georgia State University

Delta - University of North Dakota

Delta Alpha Cochise College

Delta Delta - San Jacinto Community College

Delta Nu Wichita State University

Delta Pi Northwestern Louisiana University

Delta Sigma Delaware State College

Delta Tau Delaware Tech College

Delta Phi Mercer County Community College

Delta Psi Delta State University

Epsilon Alpha Shasta College

Epsilon Rho - Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Daytona

Epsilon Tau Ivy Tech State College

Epsilon Omega Western Oklahoma State College

Zeta - Dowling College

Eta - San Jose State University

Eta Mu Spartan School of Aeronautics

Eta Pi - Broward College

Eta Kappa Upsilon Eastern Kentucky University

Theta - Western Michigan University

Iota Rho - Indiana State University

Kappa Alpha - Kent State University

Kappa Nu University of Nebraska - Kearney

Kappa Tau Gateway Technical Institute

Kappa Sigma Upsilon - Kansas State University

Lambda Pi - University of Central Missouri

Lambda Rho Lewis University

Lambda Tau - Louisiana Tech University

Lambda Psi University of Jacksonville

Mu Tau - Middle Tennessee State University

Mu Alpha Chi - Fairmont State University

Mu Eta Sigma University of Maryland Eastern Shores

Mu Kappa Tau - Minnesota State University

Nu Mt. San Antonio College

Nu Alpha Southern Illinois University San Diego

Nu Gamma Miami-Dade Community College

Nu Eta University of New Haven

Nu Sigma Phi North Shore Community College

Nu Chi Iota - North Central Institute

Xi San Bernadino Valley College

Xi Tau Central Texas College

Omicron - Southeastern Oklahoma State University

Omicron Gamma Hampton University

Omicron Delta - Wallace State Community College

Omicron Pi Northeast Louisiana University

Omicron Upsilon - Ohio University

Omicron Sigma Tau Oklahoma State University - Tulsa

Omicron Sigma Upsilon - Ohio State University

Pi - St. Louis University

Pi Alpha Palomar College

Pi Epsilon St. Petersburg Community College

Pi Rho Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott

Rho Alpha Rocky Mountain College

Sigma - Southern Illinois University

Sigma Alpha Florida Institute of Technology

Sigma Delta Daniel Webster College

Sigma Nu Cypress College

Sigma Rho Orange Coast College

Sigma Phi - Metropolitan State College of Denver

Sigma Chi - Eastern Michigan University

Sigma Delta Sigma South Dakota State University

Sigma Xi Omega Vaughn College of Aeronautics & Technology

Sigma Chi Upsilon - St. Cloud State University

Tau College of San Mateo

Tau Rho Volunteer State Community College

Tau Sigma Tennessee State University

Upsilon Utah State University

Upsilon Alpha Westminster College

Upsilon Delta University of Dubuque

Upsilon Mu - University of Minnesota

Upsilon Omega Western Oklahoma State College

Upsilon Nu Omicron - University of Nebraska - Omaha

Upsilon Sigma Nu United States Naval Academy

Phi - SUNY- Farmingdale

Phi Kappa St. Francis College

Phi Beta Sigma - Bridgewater State College

Phi Lambda Upsilon Utah State University

Chi - University of Illinois

Chi Alpha Salem-Teikyo University

Chi Omicron College of the Ozarks

Chi Rho Central Washington University

Chi Sigma Chattanooga State Tech Community College

Chi Tau Central Texas College

Omega Seoul International University

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