ORBCRE Symposium 2020 concluded at University of Louisville


ORBCRE Symposium 2021 to be hosted by Thomas More University


Ohio River Basin Initiative

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The Ohio River Basin Newsletter (ISSN 1083-6047)



This newsletter is an official publication of the Ohio River Basin Consortium for Research and Education. The Consortium is an association of universities, colleges, industries and agencies in the Ohio River Basin, with the goal of promoting inter-institutional research and education in water related concerns and other environmental issues in the Ohio River Basin. This newsletter is designed to provide information for the membership on environmental research and education activities in the basin. Contributions and publications, and other materials are welcomed, particularly from members. Submit materials for the newsletter, as well as comments and enquiries to: Editor, Dr. Tiao J. Chang, Ohio River Basin Consortium for Research and Education, 147 Stocker Center, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio 45701; Email: chang@ohio.edu.


Contact Executive Director: Dr. Tiao J. Chang chang@ohio.edu

Ohio River Basin Consortium for Research and Education