About the Consortium


The Ohio River Basin Consortium for Research and Education is an association of universities, colleges, governmental agencies, industries, and individuals.  The Consortiumís mission is to promote inter-institutional research, education and information exchange in water-related concerns and other environmental issues in the Ohio River Basin.  The Consortium, non-profited, tax-exempted, and incorporated, has operated since 1985.  A foundation has been established for receiving and administering endowments to promote the Consortiumís goals since 1993.

Many water and related environmental problems within the Ohio River Basin require the cooperation of governmental agencies, universities, industries, and concerned citizens. The Consortium provides a mechanism for communication and cooperation among its members in addressing current water-related or environmental issues and helps stimulate better solutions.




(R. C. Byrd Locks and Dam of Ohio River from USACE, Cooperating Member)



By-Laws (1999 revision)


Foundation By-Laws (1996 revision)


Consortium Presentation (Need a powerpoint to open it)


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