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The recent monthly Web page usage reports each exceed 3,700 KB!

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What do these reports show?

These reports are based on Web requests that came to the server. As such they will count "hits" for every time a browser starts up that has its home page configured to be a page from this server. They will also count hits every time any Web search engine checks the page. No "hits" will be recorded for any time a user goes to a page that is displayed from the browser's cache. No hits will be recorded for any time a user goes to a page that is displayed from a "proxy server" (such as AOL). In other words, these usage statistics are intrinsically limited in their accuracy. They are, however, the best available information, so here they are!

In addition to summary statistics, the reports show

What Web pages are included?

These reports provide a look at the activity of all Web pages on the server known as www.ohiou.edu. (This server is also known as www.cats.ohiou.edu, and as cscwww.cats.ohiou.edu. Those three names all refer to the same machine, and all Web page activity is reported without regard to which machine name was used in the URL. For some years before July, 2003, it was also known as www.ohio.edu, but that is now a separate server.) The root page of this server is the Ohio University Front Door to the internet. The other pages on this server comprise the various official pages of the Front Door site as well as departmental pages for many academic departments and administrative offices, and pages for many student organizations.

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