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Course Credit by Examination
SPAN 2110—Intermediate Spanish I

Three Semester Hours

AP 9/18


University Requisite: (Spanish placement level 2110 or C– or better in (SPAN 1120 or 1199)) and WARNING: No credit for this course if taken after the following: above SPAN 2120 level course.

Course Description

A culture-based approach to increased language proficiency. Students continue to develop reading, writing, and language skills as they study diverse history and customs of Spanish speakers around the world. This is the first course in the second-year sequence.

Textbook and Supplies

Pérez-Gironés, A. and V. Adán-Lifante. Más, español intermedio. 3rd ed. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2019. [ISBN: 9781260136487]

Nature of the Examination

All material from chapters 1–6 will be potential material for the exam except for En pantalla and En la comunidad.

You will be allowed no more than three hours to complete the examination. It is worth 150 points. All materials will be provided; you are not permitted to use any textbooks or supplementary aids or dictionaries.


  1. Vocabulary (~10%)
    • Activities are similar to those found in Más (synonyms, antonyms, writing short definitions, matching, etc.).
    • You are responsible for knowing the vocabulary from the Palabras section of the chapters as well as any terms from the vocabulario útil boxes throughout the chapters.
  2. Grammar (~60%)
    • Activities will be similar to those found in Más and contextualized with themes and vocabulary.
  3. Reading Comprehension (~10%)
    • You will read a short story and answer some comprehension questions.
    • b.    Activities will be similar to those of the Lectura from Más where you can employ the reading comprehension strategies learned from your text.
  4. Essay (~20%)
    • Write a well-organized essay of about 150–200 words, related to the topics from Más. You will be assessed on your ability to synthesize new information and demonstrate extensive use of new vocabulary and grammar.
    • Topics are similar to the Producción personal: Redacción topics from the text.