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MKT 2020 PBC

MKT 2020—Marketing Principles

Three Semester Hours

AB 10/12


University Requisite: Not open to students in OHIO’s COB except BS 8123 and WARNING: No credit for this course if taken after the following: MKT 2400

Course Overview

Provides a broad understanding of marketing activities, decisions, and terms with an emphasis on the practices and problems of marketing managers and the analysis of the marketing environment.

Methods of Course Instruction

All material for this course is print-based. Instructor and students communicate and exchange materials through postal mail. You may submit your assignments as e-mail attachments, but your graded assignments will be returned to you by postal mail.

Textbooks and Supplies

Pride, William M., and O. C. Ferrell. Foundations of Marketing. 5th ed. South-Western, 2013. [ISBN: 9781111580162]

Number of Lessons

The course has ten lessons, including a midcourse project and final project. These lessons include:

  • Lesson 1: Customer Driven Strategic Marketing; Planning Marketing Strategies     
  • Lesson 2: The Marketing Environment, Social Responsibility, and Ethics; Marketing Research and Information Systems    
  • Lesson 3: Demographic Dimensions of Global Consumer Markets; Consumer Buying Behavior     
  • Lesson 4: Business Markets and Buying Behavior; Reaching Global Markets    
  • Lesson 5: Midcourse Case Studies    
  • Lesson 6: Marketing, Digital Media, and Social Networking; Product, Branding, and Packaging Concept     
  • Lesson 7: Developing and Managing Goods and Services; Pricing Fundamentals    ; Pricing Management     
  • Lesson 8: Marketing Channels and Supply-Chain Management; Retailers, Direct Marketing, and Wholesaling; Integrated Market Communication
  • Lesson 9: Advertising and Public Relations; Personal Selling and Sales Promotion    
  • Lesson 10: Final Assignment—Case Studies and Sales Promotion

Some lessons have been divided into multiple parts.

Types of Writing Assignments

The lesson writing assignments consist of multiple-choice questions. They are designed to test your comprehension of the basic concepts and vocabulary in the chapters. The midcourse and final assignments consist of case studies from the text and a comprehensive marketing plan. 

There are no supervised (proctored) examinations for the course. However, you will have two substantial essay assignments—Lesson 5 and Lesson 10.

Lesson 5 covers eight cases from all the text chapters you have covered in Lessons 1–4, plus one question from each of the chapters. You are permitted to use your textbooks, notes, or other resources to respond to these questions. You do not have a time limit for writing the answers, and no examination proctor is required. You will be graded on how well you have developed your understanding of the topics. 

Grading Criteria

All assignments will be graded. Your final grade for the course will be weighted as follows:

  • Lesson assignments (1–4, 6–9) — 50%
  • Midcourse assignment (Lesson 5) — 20%
  • Final assignment (Lesson 10) — 30%