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ECON 3600—Money and Banking

Three Semester Hours

JH 1/13


University Requisite: ECON 1040—Principles of Macroeconomics

Course Overview

Role of money and banking system in determination of national income and output.

Methods of Course Instruction

All material for this course is print-based. Instructor and students communicate and exchange materials through postal mail. 

E-Print Option

In this course, an option exists to use e-mail to submit your lesson assignments. Your assignment will be returned to you either as an e-mail attachment or as a hard copy sent through the postal mail, depending on the preferences of the instructor and/or program. 

Textbooks and Supplies

Mishkin, Fredric S. The Economics of Money, Banking & Financial Markets. 10th ed. (customized version). Pearson Education Inc., 2012. [ISBN: 9781256608981]

Number of Lessons

The course has 12 lessons, including a midcourse examination and a final examination. These lessons include:

  • Lesson 1: The Evolution of Money to Digital Impacts in Banking
  • Lesson 2: The Financial Sector: Instruments and Markets
  • Lesson 3: Interest Rates: Understanding and Behavior
  • Lesson 4: Financial Crisis: What are They and How Might They be Explained
  • Lesson 5: Banking and the Management of Financial Institutions
  • Lesson 6: Midcourse Examination 
  • Lesson 7: Financial Regulation and Competitive Structure of the Banking Industry
  • Lesson 8: Central Banks, The Fed, and the Money Supply Process
  • Lesson 9: Monetary Policy: Tools, Strategy, and Tactics
  • Lesson 10: Aggregate Demand and Supply Analysis
  • Lesson 11: Monetary Policy Theory
  • Lesson 12: Final Examination 

Types of Writing Assignments

Each lesson in this course will usually cover two chapters of the textbook. The assignments consist of four–five short-essays and ten multiple-choice questions covering the reading.  

Grading Criteria

Lesson assignments are mandatory and will be calculated as part of your course grade. Your course grade will be determined in the following way: 

  • Lesson Assignments — 20% 
  • Midcourse Exam — 40% 
  • Final Exam — 40% 
  • Total — 100%