Courses and Registration

The Office of the University Registrar includes instructions on how to register for classes. If you have questions, call their office at 740.593.4324 or email If you have technical questions about the registration system, call the Office of Information Technology at 740.593.1222 or email


Course Offerings

Keep in mind:

  • You must be an Ohio University student to register for courses. If you are not an OHIO student, apply now. If you are a returning OHIO student, complete the Re-Enroll form on the Registrar’s page.
  • Your enrollment time will be posted in the My OHIO Student Center.
  • You will need your OHIO ID and password.
  • Courses and sections do not all have the same tuition; check before you register!
    • Athens campus students should select "Online." Fully online students should select "eCampus" as the location in order to receive the correct tuition rate.

    Print-Based Education

    Students who are interested in print-based courses, course credit by examination, or independent study projects can review the available courses on the OHIO Online website. To register for these courses, students must complete a course registration form.


    Correctional Education

    Incarcerated students who are interested in enrolling in degree or non-degree programs can read more about our Correctional Education program.


    Special Projects

    A Special Project is an arrangement for an individualized course offered as an independent study project. A contract must be developed between the student and faculty member offering the course, and other important restrictions apply.

Adding a Course After the Last Day

In general, students may add classes to their official schedules through the Friday of the first week of a semester or session. Some departments or individual instructors may require permission or even close registration altogether after the semester or session begins. The last day to add for a session is Friday of the first week. The last day to add for a semester is Friday of the second week; however, permission is required to add after the Friday of the first week of a semester.

Dropping or Withdrawing From One or More (But Not All) Courses

If you are enrolled in more than one course and need to drop a course, you may do so by using the online registration process. Visit My OHIO Student Center to adjust your schedule.

Students may drop classes from their schedules without permission or academic or financial penalty through Friday of the second week of the semester (Friday of the first week of a session). Check the course offerings to see the last day to drop your courses.

Students may withdraw from one or more but not all classes from the Saturday of the second week of the semester (Saturday of the first week of a session) through the Friday of the tenth week of the semester (last instructional day of the fifth week of a session) without permission. However, the classes remain on a student’s academic record with grades of WP (withdrawn passing) or WF (withdrawn failing), and they continue to be used in the calculation of tuition and fees. WP or WF grades do not affect a student's grade point average.

Withdraw from All Courses

Online degree completion students and online RN to BSN students may withdraw using the online withdrawal form. Your current campus must be ECAM (eCampus) to use the online form. You can see your current assigned campus in the My OHIO Student Center or on your DARS report. Your campus will change based on your enrollment for a term (e.g., fully online students who are taking the majority of their classes through the Athens campus or a regional campus will have their campus reassigned to Athens or the regional campus). If your current campus is not ECAM, you will be directed to find contact information for your college student services office.

Check the course offerings to confirm course add and drop dates. If you need to drop ALL courses for which you are registered before the first day of class, you can cancel your registration using the My OHIO Student Center. If you drop all courses on or after the first day of class, University policy considers this a withdrawal. If you are only registered for one class and you wish to drop that class, it is considered a withdrawal.

Print-Based and Course Credit By Examination Students

You may withdraw using the PBC and CCE withdrawal form. Withdrawal is not permitted on or after the last day to withdraw from a course, based on the academic calendar for the term.