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University Printing

Need to manage or add value to a Guest / Departmental Print Card? 

Use the Print Card Management Portal ------->


The One Card office is responsible for managing the billing and accounting aspects of the Student Printing Program and the Ohio University Guest / Departmental Printing Program that is utilized in public printing environments, such as Alden Library.

Ohio University Students utilize their OHIO ID card and Bobcat Cash account to fund on-campus printing activity, while OHIO guests and departments can obtain a special guest / departmental printing card for use in public printers.

Guest / departmental printing cards are available from a special vending machine (called a Value Transfer Station or VTS) located in the 2nd Floor Learning Commons in Alden Library.

University Departments who would like to obtain a departmental printing card can contact the One Card Office at onecard@ohio.edu.

Adding Value to Cards

All customers can utilize the Value Transfer Station located on the second floor of Alden Library to deposit cash onto their account instantly.

For web-based deposits, students should use the normal eAccounts portal to add value to the Bobcat Cash Account on their OHIO ID card. For other deposit options for students, click here.

Guest / Departmental Print Card users should use the dedicated Guest / Departmental Print Card Management Portal to add value to their Print Card.

If you are setting up an account in the Guest / Departmental Print Card Management Portal for the first time, you will need the Print Card OHIO ID number printed on the front of the card to link your account with your card.

We strongly recommend registering your card with us so that it can be positively linked to you in case of a lost or damaged card.