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Templeton Scholars Program

The Templeton Scholars Program is noted for undergraduates who excel in and outside of classroom while demonstrating citizenship through leadership and community service!  Templeton Scholars are among the brightest and high achieving students at Ohio University. 


As a Templeton Scholar, you will be deeply engaged and enriched by a variety of intellectual and cultural topics and events. There are opportunities to delve into the areas of politics, humanities, economics, science, arts, and the environment, just to name a few. In addition, research, service, and student-led discussions will be a core part of your experience as a selected scholar.


The Templeton Scholars Program provides valuable educational opportunities designed to enrich the intellectual experiences of talented students from disproportionately represented  populations. The program promotes academic, leadership, cultural, service, social and professional development among high achieving students. This vision is achieved through student-centered programming, one-on-one and group advising, educational opportunities, and character education.



·       Provide support services that lead to academic success.

·       Create opportunities for leadership development and community service.

·       Assist students with career exploration.

·       Provide opportunities for intercultural dialogue, multicultural education and awareness.


History: The John Newton Templeton Story

Born a South Carolina slave around 1805, John Newton Templeton was emancipated at age eight by his owner's will in 1813. The Rev. William Williamson, the owner's son, and a staunch Presbyterian abolitionist, took Templeton and his family to Adams County, Ohio, where the Templetons were freed. While Templeton attended Ohio University, he lived in the log cabin known as the Silas Bingham House that is currently located along the Hocking River in Tailgreat Park across from the Convocation Center.  


In 1824, Templeton entered Ohio University. Four years later, he received his bachelor's degree, becoming only the fourth African-American college graduate in America and the first in the Midwest.


Templeton used his education to help other people of African descent; in 1835, he was arrested in Virginia for teaching them to read and write. Eventually he settled in Pittsburgh, where he became the first teacher and principal of the city's first African School.


The Scholarship


The Templeton Scholars Award is a merit-based scholarship program for high achieving students. Ohio University's Templeton Scholars Program honors John Newton Templeton's legacy of academic achievement and excellence by admitting students who epitomize academic excellence, leadership, and service potential.

The Templeton Scholars Award (Athens Campus Only) is a four-year renewable scholarship that includes:

·       Full in-state tuition

·       Double room occupancy in a residential scholar community

·       Campus Meal Plan (20 meals per week)

·       Participation in the LINKS Pre-Matriculation Program

·       Participation in seminars, lectures and other academic activities facilitated by OU faculty and staff

·       Unique extra-curricular activities such as the performing arts, literary festivals, visiting lecture series, and leadership seminars



Applicants must have a minimum ACT score of 28 or minimum SAT score of 1250; and demonstrate academic merit and personal achievement. Those who qualify will be notified by the Office of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships and the Office for Multicultural Student Access and Retention (OMSAR), and be invited for an on-campus interview.


Program Requirements

Scholarships are renewable as long as course requirements, grade point average, and the following program requirements are met. Students must:


·       Demonstrate academic excellence in selected field(s) of study.

·       Complete at least 15 credit hours per semester; 30 per academic year.

·       Maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or above.

·       Participate in weekly seminars as well as personal and intellectual enrichment programs.

·       Attend weekly conferences with OMSAR staff. 


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