The Office for Multicultural Student Access and Retention (OMSAR) assists in providing access to a quality academic and enriching social experience at Ohio University for diverse students, while leading the institution's efforts to successfully retain and graduate them.

The services provided to students by the OMSAR Staff include:

·      Oversight of scholarship programs to actively involve students in meaningful educational experiences; Access to appropriate campus resources and staff to best meet immediate and/or long-term needs of students;

·      One-on-one meetings with a staff member to develop students' plans for academic and social success;

·      Collaborations with academic colleges and departments to assess individual students' academic preparedness, learning styles and evaluate predictors of academic success;

·      Conducting large group informational meetings regarding scholarship requirements and support;

·      Providing academic advising in conjunction with assigned faculty advisors for optimal academic success;

·      Leadership development education;

·      Advocating for students to pursue academic and leadership awards and recognition;

·      The development of research skills and opportunities to share findings with the campus community; and

·      Opportunities to grow socially and personally through community service projects.