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Mission and Vision

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To produce global citizens whose leadership and scholarship development inspire them to demonstrate the value of education and diversity.


The Office for Multicultural Student Access and Retention (OMSAR) is committed to attracting and retaining highly talented and capable students of diverse backgrounds to maximize their leadership potential through educational and service opportunities. OMSAR programmatic activities instill in students the importance of scholarly pursuits and the value of education. We will serve as a resource to the Ohio University community on issues of access, retention and student success as well as promote the educational benefits of diversity and the appreciation for difference.


1) Acceptance – To respect and appreciate the rich diversity of Ohio University.

2) Dedication – To commit oneself to academic and personal development.

3) Integrity – To display, through one’s character, the embodiment of and adherence to high moral values.

4) Leadership – To develop the capacity to positively influence others by exhibiting integrity, trustworthiness and vision setting to achieve a common goal.

5) Scholarship – To acquire, through learning and engagement, the character, qualities and attainment of scholar.

6) Service – To display selfless acts of kindness, generosity, and commitment to fulfilling the needs of others.

7) Wisdom – To demonstrate growth in knowledge and truth.