What is LINKS?


LINKS is a peer-mentoring program for first-year multicultural students. For over 25 years, the LINKS Program has been the cornerstone of support and assistance for first-year students at Ohio University. Successful upper-class students serve as mentors to LINKS participants. Peer mentors serve as role models to the first-year students and assist in the transition from high school to college. LINKS helps first-year students navigate the college experience by making students aware of the available university resources, services, and offices.


What's Involved in LINKS?


The LINKS program includes a pre-matriculation and academic year component. The pre-matriculation program is an intensive one-and-a-half day program at which students meet in small groups and discuss a variety of topics related to successful adjustment and persistence in college. Each first-year student is assigned a peer mentor who is responsible for maintaining contact with participants throughout the academic year through both individual contact and small group activities.

By anticipating likely challenges developing a strategic plan to handle such issues, the LINKS program lays the groundwork to help students make a successful academic and social transition to Ohio University and the surrounding community.


When Does LINKS Occur?


LINKS is strategically scheduled prior to the beginning of fall quarter to increase the likelihood that students will begin to develop friendships and a sense of community before the rigors of academic life set in. Students move into their assigned residence hall rooms and are able to arrange their living spaces, as well as interact with their roommates.


Who Attends LINKS?


All multicultural and disproportionately represented students are strongly encouraged to attend the LINKS pre-matriculation program and become active participants in the LINKS academic year experience. However, LINKS is required for participants in the following programs:

  • Templeton Scholars
  • Rankin Scholars
  • Urban Scholars
  • Appalachian Scholars
  • Signature Scholars
  • Appalachian Cohort for Engineering (ACE)


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