Windows Wireless Set-up

Windows machines running Windows 8 or Windows 10

  1. From start screen click the windows key on your keyboard or click the app called "desktop"
  2. Left click on the wireless icon in the tool bar
  3. Side bar slides over and you will see all available SSID's (wireless names that you can select to join)
  4. Click on "OHIO University"
  5. "Connect automatically" is selected by default (this is your preference if you want to connect automatically to OHIO University whenever your device is close to an OU facility at Athens or Regional campuses)
  6. Click "Connect"
  7. Dialog box saying "Windows can't verify the server's identity"  "If you 're in an area where you'd expect to find this network, it's probably safe to connect. Otherwise, this might be a different network with the same name".
  8. Click "Connect"
  9. Depending on how long you wait you might be prompted multiple times to select either "Connect" or "Don't connect"
  10. Type in your OHIO "User name" and "Password"
  11. Step 7 will appear again, click "Connect"
  12. Enjoy the NextGen wireless!


Windows 7

  1. Enable your device's WiFi.
  2. In your system tray you will see a wireless icon
  3. Left click on the wireless icon Click on "OHIO University" 
  4. If you would like your device to login automatically, check the "Connect Automatically" box.
  5. Click the connect button
  6. If you receive a security warning asking you to "Terminate" or "Connect," first click "Details" and confirm that the certificate was issued by ", InCommon RSA Server CA," then click "Connect."If you see a different certificate name, then click "Terminate" and contact OIT security at 740-566-SAFE.
  7. Click Connect, you will may have to click connect more than once to accept the certificate.
  8. Enjoy the NextGen wireless!