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pagemasters' toolbox -- static pages

Using the Static-Page Front Door Servers

This guide is particularly oriented to those who are maintaining pages on the new Static-Page Front Door server, "ww2.ohio.edu," but it is intended to serve several different audiences:

  • "Preparing Files" applies to all Ohio University pagemasters. Even if you are currently publishing or planning to publish files on a different web server, please read "Preparing Files", because section A (on file name choices) includes the rules you would need to follow now in order to be able at some time in the future to have the option of migrating your files to other servers with minimal effort. Furthermore, section D, on content standards, includes a number of items that apply to all Ohio University Web pages.

  • "Uploading Files" is primarily for people who will be maintaining World Wide Web publications on the ww2 Front Door server and personal pages on the server "people2.ohio.edu" ("people2," for short).   Pages on both ww2 and people2 are seen with URLs containing "www.ohio.edu."

  • "References," "Imagemaps," "Keyword Search," "Mailto Forms," and "Robust Page Design" are of general interest.

Please let us know if you identify any opportunities for us to improve these pages, either by sending an e-mail directly to servicedesk@ohio.edu, or by using our anonymous feedback form.