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Full Contents for Static-Page Servers

Table of Contents


I.  Preparing Files for Ohio University Web Pages

A.  File Name Choices

1.  Choosing File Names

2.  Organizing Your Hard Disk

B.  Creating and Revising Files

C.  Testing

1.  Local Testing

2.  Server Testing

D.  Content Standards

1.  Technical Issues

2.  Content Issues

3.  Visual Presentation Issues

E.  Image Maps

F.  Controlling Access to Your Web Pages

G.  Linking to Your Files

1.  Paths in URLs

2.  Relative Paths for Links

III.  Transferring Files

A.  Overview

1.  Introduction

2.  Error Messages

B.  Step-by-Step Instructions

1.  Macintosh with Fetch

2.  Windows PC with FileZilla

C.  Post-transfer Steps

1.  Testing

2.  Clean-up

Appendix I:  References

A.  URLs

B.  Books

C.  News Groups

Appendix III:  Imagemaps

A.  Introduction

B.  Step-by-step

Appendix IV:  Using our Google Search Appliance

A.  Introduction

B.  Custom Searches

C.  Example Custom Search

Appendix V:  Using Ohio University's Mailto Script

A.  Introduction

B.  Collecting Information with the MAILER Form

Appendix VI:  Keeping Your Web Pages Robust

A.  What are Web Page Design Goals?

B.  What makes web pages fragile?

C.  How can I avoid making my pages fragile?

D.  Where else can I learn about robust page design?

E.  What Web page features should I use?

F.  What Web page characteristics should I avoid?

G.  What is "boilerplate," and why use it?

Appendix VII:  Using Server-Side Includes

A.  Introduction and Caution

B.  Directive Syntax

C.  Directive Commands

D.  Examples