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CommonSpot User Guides


There are two sets of CommonSpot user guides:  those for the "classic," or "traditional," CommonSpot and those for the new-style CommonSpot.  The descriptions below should enable you to find the correct set of guides:

  • New-style CommonSpot is being used for all new CommonSpot subsites.  New-style CommonSpot subsites are maintained by going to a "manage" page.  This is for you if your subsite is being created now; if it was first created in CommonSpot after September 1, 2009; or if it is an unofficial subsite (e.g., student organization) that is in CommonSpot and whose URLs start with http://www.ohio.edu/orgs/.

  • Classic CommonSpot has been used for many subsites since 2003.  This is for you if you don't use a "manage" page; if your official pages look like this; or if you have unofficial pages in CommonSpot whose URLs do not start with http://www.ohio.edu/orgs/.

You can experimentally confirm which style of CommonSpot your site uses:  if your home page is seen at http://www.ohio.edu/subsite/index.cfm, try to open http://www.ohio.edu/subsite/manage/ (you can do this by clicking in your browser's address box; adding the "manage/" at the end of the URL, in place of the "index.cfm"; and pressing the "Return" or "Enter" key).  If the result is a challenge for username and password, your site uses the new-style CommonSpot; if the result is a "Requested Resource Not Found" display, then your site almost certainly uses classic CommonSpot.

If in doubt, please contact the Web Team by e-mail to servicedesk@ohio.edu; be sure to tell us the full URL of your existing pages.